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About company

Welcome to the USS NBCO!

We thank you for your interest in the non-banking credit organization "United Settlement System" (joint-stock company), currently being the operator and the settlement center of USS Payment System  which consolidates on single technological and financial conditions the network of ATMs, cash points and fees of  different Russian credit organizations, as well as acts as an authorized clearing and settlement center of Western Union and BEST payment systems.

Choosing a credit institution in the form of NBCO as an operator and settlement center of USS Payment system and  the settlement and clearing center of Western Union payment system is due to the fact of financial stability of the settlement organization in the form of NBCOs  and to a number of prudential limits. It also guarantees to the participants full completion of the settlement of transactions in USS system and Western Union payment system at any time, regardless of the financial conditions of other participants. Conditions of payment transaction systems require mandatory automatic review of the adequacy of funds on  the accounts of participants in the system to proceed final clearing, which results in stability of the  whole USS NBCO payment system.

At the moment USS NBCO also provides clearing services in accordance with agent programs of payment systems UnionPay, JCB and American Express.